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Without doubt, the most important quality any band must possess is a good attitude. We feel it is of paramount importance to our employers and thier premises. All venue rules will be adhered to without exception and, at all times we promise to provide a professional attitude both on and off the stage.

EXPERIENCE No strangers to hard work, we have enjoyed summer seasons in Newquay and small tours of Germany. Our corporate clients include:First Leisure, Rank Leisure, IBM, medico-Legal Society. We have enthused more than 200 weddings and hundreds of private receptions over the years. We are experienced at performing within all etiquettes, including pubs, clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, theme bars etc etc.

As a self contained group, we are able to play anywhere with a power circuit. Our 1, 3 or 5k PA systems and 16*500w light show require only a single 32A circuit. Barns and Farms, Theatres and Auditoria can be played without the requirement of additional 'house' PA facilities. We are compact enough to fit on the smallest of stages.

FEES We are happy to discuss fees depending on each client's requirments. We are never greedy and appreciate that each contract has it's own individual merit. Please feel comfortable to discuss your budget and requirements. Work undertaken through recognised agents will provide a commission to that agent.
AVAILABILITY As an established group we have many regular venues who prefer to engage our services at prime times well in advance. This means that weekend work is secured up to a year in advance. Our Christmas and New Year engagements are secured similarly. Mid week engagements are usually secured within the prior month. Please be aware that we will not consider a higher paying gig should we be secured elsewhere

We are more than happy for you to contact clients who have already experienced Backbeat, however, we do request that you be considerate when contacting them. Thank you!
Client: Gill Kyle gillkyle@gallaherltd.com - 01270 504503
Venue: Richard Noble GM - Majestic Bingo - 0191 497 5050
Or Contact us and ask for additional reference sites.